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Join us for Sea Purls 2017!

Dear Knitters,
Please forgive us if this is a duplicate. We had a technical glitch sending this out yesterday.

It’s that time of year when we start planning our annual Yarn & Stitches/Knitting Fairy knitting retreat at sea! Join us for Sea Purls 2017 and enjoy four days with a great group of knitting enthusiasts, family and friends! We will sail from Galveston to Cozumel on the Carnival Liberty on Thursday 3/02/17 at 4 PM. We will have a day at sea on Friday 3/03, visit Cozumel on Saturday 3/04, have another day at sea on Sunday 3/05 and arrive back in Galveston at 8:30 Monday morning 3/6.

Our knitting workshop as well as some optional workshops will take place during our two days at sea. We plan on two hours of workshop instruction during the morning of each day at sea and another 2 hours during the afternoons at sea for a total of eight hours of knitting instruction and assistance.

Pricing for the cruise is less than last year! $478/person for an interior cabin; $508/person for an Ocean View room; and $608 – $628 for a balcony. These prices include taxes and port fees. All it takes to reserve a room is to register and provide a credit card deposit of $150/person by September 30, 2016. This deposit is fully refundable until December 28, 2016 when full payment is due. Please do not confuse the cruise deposit with the workshop fee. They are two separate charges.

You may register by emailing Sheryl Nudds will send you a short registration form requesting pertinent information, including credit card information. If you have sailed with us previously all Sheryl will need is your credit card information. This year, rather than calling or emailing you for final payment, Sheryl will allow Carnival to automatically debit your credit card. As final payment is due over the Christmas holidays and it will be difficult to reach everyone.

Husbands/significant others/partners/best friends are welcome! They will have plenty to keep them busy while you are at your workshop. Carnival hosts many fun activities like slot machines, black jack lessons, trivia contests, massages, art auctions, and wine tastings . . . something for everyone! And don’t be shy if you are a single traveler. We will be glad to try to match you up with a roommate.

If you have any questions regarding the cruise, or would like a quote for single occupancy, email Sheryl at or call 972-231-9383.

You will also find updated information at the Yarn & Stiches and Knitting Fairy websites and Facebook pages:


If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact Hope Logan at Yarn & Stitches at 972-239-9665 or Alissa Barton at 214-412-2889.